About Us


our story

"We believe we can and strive to be better"
This is our entrepreneurial spirit, and we are striving to provide the best products and best services to customers around the world.

WOHERB™ is located in OR and was established in 2012. To meet global shipping needs, there are 3 warehouses in the US, UK, and China. Our industry is mainly women's clothing, and then we have expanded the category of shoes to meet the needs of our customers.

our inspiration

Every year, our team of designers participates in visiting various cities in the United States, looking for the beauty and design inspiration hidden in the corners of the city. Therefore, most of the clothes we sell have various characteristics from different places.
We pursue freedom, peace, and openness, and infuse these into our design work.
We hope that customers can feel the beauty of life wearing our works and face life with confidence.

To meet the aesthetic demands of women around the world, experience the beauty of the world without leaving your home at Woherb™.

Our social responsibility

Our team also pays attention to global climate issues and adopts environmentally friendly packaging technology in packaging and other aspects to reduce environmental pollution while ensuring product quality.

We believe that through the joint efforts of human beings around the world, the earth will become a better place.

Thank you for trusting our team and good luck.

Email: support@woherb.com